Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why does my screen change brightness?

My computer screen stays somewhat dark, but at times it will go bright and I love it bright. How do I get it to stay bright all the time? I'll be sitting here with it dark, then it'll go bright for a bit then back dark for no reason. It's a new monitor (like a year old or so, and it's done this since we've gotten it) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!Why does my screen change brightness?
A lot of new monitors will adjust its settings based on the brightness of the room. You can usually disable this through your monitors menu. (Which is usually through a button on the monitor) If you are using a laptop, check your display settings,Why does my screen change brightness?
If you look on your keypad, there should be a place where you can control the brightness of your computer. It will most likely be a function key, meaning that it won't be the primary use of that key and you have to press the function button to use it. Look for a symbol (maybe on a F key, or on the arrow keys) that looks like a gear or a sun. That should be it.Why does my screen change brightness?
You could try under System Preferences ?Displays ?Colour and Calibrate or under Display turn down the Brightness and see if it still happens. Also on my iMac I notice under Energy Saver ?I have ticked my Display to automatically reduce the Brightness before display goes to sleep.

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