Sunday, November 21, 2010

Change the Brightness of the Computer Screen without Fn Key?

How can I change the brightness of the screen when the Fn key doesn't work? I don't know why but my Fn key has been wrong for about a week. I'm sure it's not because of the Num Lock.

Does anyone know how to change it without the Fn key?

My computer is Windows XP and it's a laptop.

Now it's so bright that it makes me sick especially when I'm using it at night...

I'll really appreciate your answer.

Thank you.Change the Brightness of the Computer Screen without Fn Key?
Step 1

Navigate to the %26quot;Control Panel%26quot; from the Windows XP %26quot;Start%26quot; menu.

Step 2

Choose %26quot;Appearance and Themes%26quot; when prompted in the %26quot;Category View%26quot; panel. If you're in %26quot;Classic View,%26quot; choose the %26quot;Display%26quot; icon.

Step 3

Select the %26quot;Settings%26quot; tab from the Display Properties window.

Step 4

Select the %26quot;Advanced%26quot; button on the bottom of the window. This will take you to your monitor's properties.

Step 5

Choose the %26quot;Color%26quot; tab if using a monitors with an ATI graphics card.

Step 6

Select the brightness scale and push or pull it until you are satisfied with the brightness of your screen.

Step 7

Press %26quot;OK%26quot; to set your brightness.

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