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Why do my TV seem to be so red?

When watching tv on my flat screen, it is very red. I know how to adjust the settings I am just not sure what I need to change in my settings! Is it the brightness? PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks so muchWhy do my TV seem to be so red?
a) First make sure you are not in %26quot;Movie%26quot; mode. the whites there are reddish.

b) Color and Tint can be used to adjust color.Why do my TV seem to be so red?
Get a copy of HD Essentials for adjusting your TV.



When you bring them home from the store, the TV's are usually adjusted to look good in those mercury lights in the store, not your home. So all of them need adjusted.

I need help with my computer... 10 pnts for easy to understand answer.?

Ok so this is the problem I was in the control panel just looking how I can make the brightness of the screen lower and I made the thing on the top of each program’s blue bar smaller. You know the bar with the red X to exit the program. So I forgot how to change it back and I don’t like it this small so…

How can I fix the bar so it is a little bit bigger?


Adjust the screen’s brightness so it’s not so bright?

I need help with my computer... 10 pnts for easy to understand answer.?
um go to your desktop

right click

graphics properties/graphics something


change the numbers

i did this once by accident and everything was HUGE.I need help with my computer... 10 pnts for easy to understand answer.?
nopeI need help with my computer... 10 pnts for easy to understand answer.?
Just Reset your monitor configI need help with my computer... 10 pnts for easy to understand answer.?
Set it back to default settings.

I need help with my computer... 10 pnts for easy to understand answer.?
Right click on desktop then propertiesI need help with my computer... 10 pnts for easy to understand answer.?
Just adjust the screen’s brightness.I need help with my computer... 10 pnts for easy to understand answer.?
It depends on if you have windows xp or vista. Try right clicking on your desktop and going into display settings or personalize desktop for vista. I need help with my computer... 10 pnts for easy to understand answer.?
F11 might help wih the bar.

The brightness should be controlled on you monitorI need help with my computer... 10 pnts for easy to understand answer.?
go back to control panel to adjust the size dimensions of object boxes.

Brightness is adjusted using the buttons on the front of the monitorI need help with my computer... 10 pnts for easy to understand answer.?
In xp??

You right click on your desktop(where you put your favorite picture) and then choose on of the themes that best matches the one you already had everything should go back to normal...I need help with my computer... 10 pnts for easy to understand answer.?
if you have have a new graphics card or just had one go to graphics desktop and you should see color 32 bit and 16 bit ,put it to 16I need help with my computer... 10 pnts for easy to understand answer.?
Well, there are lots of types of monitors(spelled correctly?) out there, but sometimes there are some buttons on the monitor, if you are on a laptop then i don't think there would be any buttons, you could also go into the control panel and look under 'monitor'. under settings, there might be a setting option that allows you to change it, or you could right-click on the desktop and click properties, it could be under there somewhere. i'm not 100% sure.

For the size of the desktop, right-click on the desktop and go properties, then there should be a setting for 1024x658 pixels or something. change it so there are less pixels. it should make it bigger.

Sorry i couldn't explain it very well, and i might be wrong, but i can't change the settings on my computer, i don't own it. i am just a user. i am calling this off of memory. I hope i helped a little?!?!?...I need help with my computer... 10 pnts for easy to understand answer.?
start %26gt; control panel %26gt; display %26gt; appearance tab %26gt; advanced %26gt; in the box marked item: scroll down to caption buttons %26gt; now to the right of this box you will see the size there is a number , make this number go up to make your buttons larger .

you make the screen brightness go down by using the monitor controls.

♂?♀??I need help with my computer... 10 pnts for easy to understand answer.?
Assuming that you have Windows XP

Right click on desktop

Go to Themes Tab -%26gt; Theme -%26gt; Select 'Windows XP'. There will be one more with 'Windows XP (Modified)' , don't select that Modified.


Go to Appearance tab -%26gt; Click Advanced Button -%26gt; Select Item = 'Active Title Bar' Set Size to what you want. 25 is defaultI need help with my computer... 10 pnts for easy to understand answer.?
You could have changed one or two things to cause this. I'll guide you through each step. This is, of course, assuming that you have Windows XP since you did not elaborate on what windows version you are using.

1) Right click on an empty area of your desktop.

2) Choose Properties from the menu that dropped down.

3) Go to %26quot;Appearance%26quot; tab at the top of this window.

4) Set your appearance to XP Standard, and hit OK. This is one of the things you could have changed. If it is still too small, then you have changed your resolution . . .. and

5) Repeat steps 1 and 2

6) Go to the settings Tab.

7) Locate the section named %26quot;Screen Resolution%26quot;

8) Bring this slider bar one click to the left. Hit Apply

9) IMPORTANT: If you like the new settings, Hit ok. If you do not like the new settings, wait 10 seconds and it will revert to its original.

And your last question:

Brightness is not controlled by the PC. A Video card only outputs signal, so contrast or brightness settings. This is done by the monitor itself. If you specify what make and model monitor you have, we can better help you there. Otherwise, look for the menu button, and find Brightness and bring it down. I need help with my computer... 10 pnts for easy to understand answer.?
more better and easy idea RESTORE YOUR SYSTEM

START%26gt;ALL PROGRAM%26gt;ACCESSORIES%26gt;SYSTEM TOOLS%26gt;SYSTEM RESTORE and then select a previous safe point and click restore

right click on desktop, then go to properties, click, then a DISPLAY PROPERTY window appears, then click on the APPEARANCE tab, then there u can see a ADVANCED command button,,click on it..then a ADVANCED APPEARANCE window opens..then on the ITEMS options SELECT ACTIVE TITLE BAR and set it;s SIZE %26quot;25%26quot; an' font size 10 then click OK an' then click

What's wrong with my Chronicles of Riddick graphics?

I installed from a torrent the PC game Escape from Butcher Bay and I'm having trouble with the color. The darkness (which there is much of) comes across as a little grey. This was negligible until about six hours into the game when Riddick gets his nightvision eyeshine abilty. Whenever I activate it, the whole screen becomes blindingly white with milky edges.

My question is, what should I change? I can adjust gamma, brightness, and contrast, but I really don't know how these relate to each other. I've tried fiddling with the settings, but it barely changes anything. It isn't like the screen is too bright, it's like there's a mist I just can't see through. Less nightvision than cataract vision.

I don't really want to get a new video card (I have Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100). What do you advise?What%26039;s wrong with my Chronicles of Riddick graphics?
The problem is you have a weak Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 graphics chip..not a graphics card but a chip. Onboard video will never replace a real dedicated graphics card.

You may not want to get a graphics card but that is your only option if you want the game to function as it should

Shutter speeds/brightness?

I am using a Lumix FZ28 and am trying to take slower or faster shutter speeds going from 8 secs to 1/1000. Unfortunately... the pictures always seem to come out very dark (almost pitch black) or very bright ( the screens almost white!). Please tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to change it? Thanks.Shutter speeds/brightness?
If you change the shutter speed then you need to change the aperture to adjust the overall exposure.

For instance if you set the camera up at f16 @1/125 then change that to f16 @ 1/1000 (3 stops) the picture will come out underexposed (very dark).

To counteract that you would need to open the aperture three stops to f 5.6

alternatively if you were to decrease the shutter speed (to 1/60) you would be overexposing (lightening) and you would have to close the aperture to f22 (1 stop)

If you increase the shutter speed then there is less light (darker)

if you decrease the shutter speed then more light (lighter)

tShutter speeds/brightness?
You need to put your camera on %26quot;S%26quot; or shutter priority mode. It takes 3 factors to make your pictures correctly exposed, the main two being the speed of your shutter, and the size of the opening on the lens. You must select the right combination for your photographs to come out correct.

Read your manual and learn to use your light meter, or you can put your camera on %26quot;S%26quot; mode. From there you can select the shutter speed you want, and the camera's computer will select the size of the opening, also known as aperture.

Also, if you select a shutter speed to fast or too slow for the given amount of light, then your picture also won't come out correctly. In which case switch to %26quot;A%26quot; or aperture priority mode, then you will be able to see the fastest shutter speed you can use, and seriously read the manual.Shutter speeds/brightness?
This is a digital camera but any camera lets light in two ways: through the shutter (for an amount of time), through the lens (amount of light). Once you reduce the amount of light with one (ie. faster shutter speed), you must compensate with the lens opening (aperture) to let more light in for the proper exposure. If you simply adjust the shutter speed to 1/1000, you are reducing the amount of light entering the camera and underexposing your image or making it too dark. The opposite happens of course when you go to 8 seconds. Too much light will overexpose and make your image too light. BTW any shutter speed slower than 1/60 will require a tripod to avoid camera shake (blurry picture).

How to do this properly: Your camera's owners manual will show you how to use %26quot;manual mode%26quot; or %26quot;shutter/action freeze mode.%26quot; I'm guessing this camera has that option. In shutter or %26quot;action%26quot; mode the camera should automatically set the correct exposure after you set your shutter speed by opening the aperture to the proper setting. If you have %26quot;manual mode,%26quot; using your viewfinder, just adjust the aperture setting button or reel until the image looks good. An easy way to freeze action:

with camera on %26quot;auto%26quot; mode, keep pushing the flash button until the flash stays on. Forced flash use will almost always freeze the action!Shutter speeds/brightness?
It sounds like you might be in manual exposure mode. While you are varying the shutter speed, you are using the same aperture for each shot.

When you have slow shutter speeds, like 8 seconds, 4 second etc, you are letting in too much light for the aperture you have selected (overexposed), and consequently getting the whole image washed out. If this is a class assignment, that may be what the instructor wants you to see.

At the other end, when you have very short shutter speeds - 1/1000 - you are not letting enough light in and are getting underexposed (black) images.

Somewhere in your experimenting, you probably got 3-4 pictures that were viewable, with maybe one perfectly exposed.

In manual mode, you need to set both the shutter and aperture yourself - there is no help like the other modes. You should see a scale in the viewfinder that lets you know if you are exposing the picture properly. In the middle of the scale means a good exposure.
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  • Blackberry pearl problems?

    I have a blackberry pearl and its my brothers old phone because he got a new one so of course i didnt get the manual or anything so i dont know anything about this phone and im really good with figuring things out on phones but i cant figure out how to change the message tone to a [song of mine] ringtone and i dont know how to get to the brightness screen cuz its to dim. and is there a way to set certain text tones to certain people.. help!Blackberry pearl problems?
    you cant set personal ringtones.

    but if you click the volume thing (the sound thing with the lines) and click advanced. scroll down to loud or whatever. menu - edit. then go to sms. then pick a ringtone.

    for the brightness, go to options - screen/keyboard - backlight brightness 100 and turn off automatically dim backlight.

    :]Blackberry pearl problems?
    If ever you want to check out the online manual for your phone check out the link below:

    How do you use sythes autiminer in runescape?

    i have bought sythes power miner and it gives me the instructions and it worked once and then went weird anyone know about it

    Welcome to Sythe’s PowerMiner HELP

    This window will guide you through the exact steps to get Sythe’s PowerMiner working perfectly.

    Part 1: Setup

    Please make sure you do the following tasks before attempting to use the PowerMiner:

    1. Set your screen resolution to 1024 x 768

    2. Set your color depth to 32 bit

    3. Set you screen brightness, in Runescape, to VBRIGHT

    4. Make sure the camera is all the way up in Runescape (by pressing the up arrow)

    If you had to change any of your current setup it is recommended you reboot.

    Part 2: Getting Ready

    Before you are ready to PowerMine there are a few small things you must do:

    1. Get the official Runescape client (if you don’t already have it) from

    2. Log into your Runescape account and buy 1 - 14 picks (If you don’t already have them)

    3. Bank everything except the picks. Put all your picks in the first spots in your inventory. E.g. If you bought 10

    picks then you need to put them in the first 10 spots in your inventory. DO NOT WIELD ANY PICKS

    4. Find a spot where there aren’t many people and turn off all three types of chat.

    5. Select your inventory

    6. Go to the PowerMiner window and enter the number of picks you have in your inventory

    7. Just leave the other value as 1

    Part 3: PowerMining

    When you have done all the above steps you will be ready to PowerMine

    To start PowerMining click the “Start” button on the main window

    1. The first message that pops up will tell you to hover your mouse over a common color of the rock type you wish to mine and press the home key on your keyboard (home key is above end key)

    2. When you have done this another message will popup. This one will tell you to hover your mouse over the little Gold buckle on the bag in the inventory icon in Runescape and press home again. Once you have done this the PowerMiner should start PowerMining.

    3. To stop the PowerMiner at any time use CTRL + S

    they ae the instructions any more details just ask plzz helpHow do you use sythes autiminer in runescape?
    might be the fact that -your not supposed to do that-How do you use sythes autiminer in runescape?
    It mite be the account...give me ur account name and I'll try to help, mine's Lord_Vlaedr.How do you use sythes autiminer in runescape?
    might be ur a geek %26amp;%26amp; u paid for a FAKE autominer.

    Thats hacking which is a federal offense.

    Brightness/Contrast on my computer?

    I just got a new Dell laptop and everytime I turn it on, I have to reset the brightness by pressing the function key and then the up arrow to get the screen as bright as I can. How can I set this in some other way so that it never changes?Brightness/Contrast on my computer?
    Do you have an inspiron?

    Some dell laptops have a built in brightness control on the keyboard. I do not think there is a way to set it up permanently because it has an auto balance for the brightness.

    One suggestion that I have is that you hook up the laptop to an external monitor so that you can set it up to the brightness you want and it will always be set up that way.

    Try going into your CMOS setup. When you reboot your computer, hit F1 or F2, depending on your laptop, to go to your CMOS settings. There might be a primary setup for the display on there.